Make Up Time


This weather is why I live in Wisconsin. Trees are turning color, sun is out and its pretty much warmer than it was in summer. As I always say this time of year its game on.

But not for me. Today I feel the best in a week. It was a week ago yesterday that I started feeling crappy. While Im still no where need 100% Im glad I feel better and can start taking advantage of this string of near perfect weather.

That was not the case this weekend. The worse part was Fri\Sat. I was miserable. I could not talk. People called the store Saturday (I was alone) and could not understand what I was saying. Saturday morn I spent an hour at the walk in clinic only to have to leave to be at work by 10am. I felt horrible. Saturday was just one of those days I should not have been at the store. Sunday I woke and felt a little better at had a hour long easy pedal ride, then home to lay on the couch and watch football the rest of the day.

Today I feel stronger. Still am coughing up terrible stuff and my ears are still plugged and hurting a little but its finally running its course. Today, in the store I will try and catch up on all the paperwork stuff and look ahead to see how long this perfect weather streak will go and plan to take advantage of it as best I can.

With getting a late start I’ll try to make up time.

Wish me luck.


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