Slow Roll

So last nite I did the store ride. Or at least started with them. I made sure everyone knew I was sick and when I pull off the pace not to wait. About 5 minutes is all it took. Rode with Steve D who is just getting back on the bike since June. We both slow rolled it about 15 miles to the park and back. That was about the best I could do.

Another awesome morning.

This morn I kinda felt better but was well medicated. So I rode another 17 miles in slow mode. Even put in a few miles in the woods.  Im not sure if riding when sick is a good thing or if it helps. I did not put anything in that even resembled an effort. I really don’t think it can hurt.

Its funny how I remember things from races a week after. Talking about riding sick I all of a sudden remembered I saw a guy pulled off the trail and puking at Shuammy last week. Thats happened to me once. And pretty much ruins the race. Thats why I only eat oatmeal before a race.

I think my rides are a good thing here. I think its good on a mental standpoint. It helps you kinda look past how you feel today.

Being under the weather always backs me up in the office. Paperwork piles up cuz Im moving so slow. I will try and put a dent in that today.

Thats about all I have for a Wednesday. Happy I got in a couple rides even tho they were slow. Looking forward to the weekend and feeling better.


Wa da ya think?

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