Tough Luck


Just my luck. The weather is about as good as it gets in Wisconsin. Spectacular right now. Not hot but sun is out. Not  a cloud in the sky. No wind. A riders utopia. And Im down with the sickness. Woke up feeling terribler than yesterday. I cant hear. I cant taste anything. Chest hurts. Well, everything hurts. Just got to wait this out but now is such good riding weather and it wont last.

Days like this are numbered. And maybe in the single digits. What a beautiful day to pay hooky and head up to Door County to ride. I need to shake this cold quickly before time passes me by.

I did hit up my happy place this morn. And in the past I mentioned that its slowed a bit and I can hang out there without distraction. But not on a day like today. A million people where out already at 8am. Many on bikes. Which is fine.

Fav bench

I hit up my favorite bench. And sat in the sun for quite a while.

This bench was well hidden from the road but last year they extended a parking lot right behind it and now you can park 20 yards away. Kinda a bummer.

I do have the Tuesday nite store ride tonite and I did bring my riding stuff with me but Im on the fence right now. If I do ride it will be an soft pedal ride. And for sure I will cut short. It wont be the smartest thing Ive ever done to ride when sick but not the dumbest either.

But really its game on in that respect. The time to take advantage is now. In a few weeks it could be cold and blustery.

So I hope this crap passes in a day or so. Right now all I can do is medicate up (which I hate to do) and ride it out.


Wa da ya think?

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