Not Even a Pic..


I got the store all day alone today. Its pretty warm outside. Almost feels like what they call ” Indian summer”. Its over 70 degrees at 8am. And with the cool summer that feels strange to me. Would have been nice to have this in Hayward last weekend. I might get a ride in after work but should really cut my grass.

Tomorrow I might drive over to the Trek factory and watch some cross races. They put on a UCI points race there. Really its the race that was always in Sun Prairie. Just moved over to Treks place. Nice promo move for Trek. But if I don’t go it will be a nice bike ride. So Im happy with either. I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see what happens, you will just need to read a bit further…..


Well, how about neither. Woke up Sunday and drove to the store to get my bike and bring it home thinking I would ride just a bit later in the day. It was pretty windy so maybe a late afternoon ride would be in order.

However as the day wound down I started to feel quite a bit crappy and by supper time felt the start of what would be a bout with some flu. So here I sit this morn, bike is still on car from yesterday. Body temp up and I feel like I have not slept a week. Everything hurts. Son of a…

I call this flu but really its a cold on steroids. It hits me hard and starts in my head and works down. My ears hurt and a headache. Soon it will travel thru my sinus and into my lungs. The process takes about three days. Ive been thru this a million times it seems. Take Ibuprofen and lay low. So thats on my agenda the next few days. I hate when this happens.

I use the downtime to get my XC ski order down and submitted. And hopefully sell stuff as Im alone in the store 80% of the time now.

So… not a lot of exiting stuff in the near future.

Not even a picture.


Wa da ya think?

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