Friday Post


Got out again this morn for about a hour and a half. Thats three rides this week! Quite a accomplishment for me lately.

Both morning rides I see the same people about the same time doing the same thing. Shout out to Mr & Mrs J. Saw them twice this week.

Mrs J wants me to tell you that we saw Eagles in the park this morn. I saw them sitting in the very same tree that I first saw them back in 2008. Maybe the same ones? One of them was a near adult and was kinda white but not totally yet. This was the first time Ive seen them all summer.

I still remember that day. Today, as in that day someone was standing right near the tree and had no idea two Eagles were 30 years away from them. Back in 08 it was a bigger deal than today. With many Eagles returning to the area since that day. But I never take stuff like that for granted. Every time i watch them until they leave.


Today is new bike day for me. My demo Farley came. And I’ll spend some time to bolting it together.

Is I mentioned earlier its got the Bluto fork so summer riding wont hurt this old man so much. 29+ wheels on the way and there you have a fat\MTB combo.

Cant wait to ride it but most likely will wait till Monday when the wheels get here. Besides I have to work all day Saturday anyway.

So I wont have to hurry to build it. I have today and tomorrow.

Hope to get out on a few cross bike rides this weekend. I’ll let you know on Monday.

Have a good weekend.


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