Back to Civilization.

Just me and a seagull

Getting back to work a few days ago has me in catch up mode on Wednesday still. The store has slowed now to the point where Im alone 3\4th of the weekdays now.

But I dont open till 11 so I get a bike ride in easier.

Last nite we had the Tuesday store ride have 7 bikes show. Me and one other were on cross bikes and the rest road. There’s a century ride here in town this weekend and after that a majority of us just put the road bikes away and its cross and MTB from now on.

But Im always ahead of that curve and am now on cross full time. For the woods I will be on a Trek Farley fatbike but with 29+ wheels. The bike will have the new Bluto fork on it so I wont be getting the crap beat out of me in the woods. Not sure what Im going to do for winter riding. I might just take that fork off. Maybe not. I’ll ride it first I guess, then make a decision to cut weight for snow riding if I want to.

But in the meantime that fatbike will work just fine as a MTB.

After a two hour ride last nite I followed it up with a hour and a half this morning. I cant believe how sore I was after the ride last nites ride. I was working pretty hard on the cross bike to keep up to the roadies. My MPH average drops about 2 with the cross. The ride this morning was not as hard as I was alone.

This time of year my happy place starts to empty out. Less people during the week and I seem to get the place to myself again. Today it was just me and a Seagull hanging out. The Gull was not saying too much.

Its funny how fast the seasons change here. It seems overnite. Im putting out all the warm weather stuff. All the warmers and gloves that were in hibernation in the corner of the store all summer. Now front and center. Soon all the trees will turn. For me the best riding is the next month and a half or so. Its kinda game on right now.

And Im pretty exited about this winter too. Next week I will put in my first of many XC ski orders. But I will not look ahead too far and risk passing up my fav time of year.

That would be a mistake.


Wa da ya think?

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