Hayward and More.


I might have too much to say in one post here. I was going to dedicate a post just to Telemark. But I’ll just cut that back as I could write pages and pages about that. Its been closed for about two years now. And the building is showing its lack of attention. Very sad. Looking into the front doors you can still see newspapers and such on the counter like everyone just ran out an20140912_154224d never came back. The only situation to save this place now would for sure be a hail mary at best. Still, the lobby looks amazing just looking into the windows.

The grass is being cut and the grounds do not look bad. We took a walk around. The building is pretty much gone. Too expensive to repair. Too expensive to tear down. In years to come this race will be kinda marred by the slow death the Telemark is going thru. Again, its just too bad. Like a very, very slow train wreck.

And thats all I have to say about that.

Moving on. Hayward and the surrounding area is unique. Its an skier\MTB’er paradise. Road bike too I guess. Between the Birkie trails and CAMBA bike trails it just does not get any better anywhere in Wisconsin. Dont forget the groomed fatbike trail in winter. Marquette, MI might be close but I’ll give the nod to Hayward. In summer you have the Fat Tire 40, in winter you have the Birkie ski and the Fat BIke Birkie. All three just might be the biggest races of each genre in the US. In fact Im pretty sure they are.

That alone sets this area apart from just going “up north”. There is no doubt I could live there.

Went to Hayward to see a movie.

We did not get a lot of extra curricular riding in due to the cool temps.

In fact it was pretty cold. Friday morn was 29 at the cabin. There was not a lot of hanging out on the deck this year but thats all part of the experience. But really, temps were 20 degrees below normal.

So we just had to make due. Like seeing a movie.

We saw “The Giver” and was the only ones in the theater. I wont recommend the movie but I heard the book was good.

But what we did do is head out to eat a lot at many of the fine establishments in the area. Hitting up the usuals.

And we did spend some time at the cabin. But I must say this out loud. The attention to detail was a bit lax here than it was two years ago and sadly we will not stay here again. I really liked it tho. It was just so quiet and cheaper than a downtown hotel.


It was awesome to sit on the deck and relax. And at 30 degrees with a near winter coat.


The lake was warmer than the air as the steam shows.

After the race on Saturday we took a hour drive to Ashland for no real reason. Just to change up the scenery. We had lunch at the kinda historic  Chequamegon Hotel along the bay.

Pic and info of original hotel.

Some say its haunted.

Another haunted article.

We had a great sandwich and did not see anything weird. And drove back to Hayward.

When your in town for the bike race all you see are tons of cars with bikes. Everywhere. After the race when we drove up to the hotel in Ashland there were two car with bikes with number plates that beat us up there. When you finally leave Hayward you see bikes on cars for miles. But before its done downtown was always packed. We went to the local brew pub on Friday nite and could not even get in the door. We did get in Saturday nite tho. Just a million people spending a million dollars up there. Nice to see.

Empty main street.But then its time to go home and on Sunday it a mass exodus with cars with bikes on heading in all four directions.

The pic is main street Sunday morn. What a contrast to 24 hours earlier.

You ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE THIS VIDEO by Trail Genius! I saw the drone flying around the Telemark ground later on. Seeing this video makes me want to make sure I do the 40 mile again someday. Amazing footage.

So Sunday it was a quick stop at the coffee shop and the bakery to put our last few dollars into the community and off we were on the almost 6 hour drive home.

I will be back in March for the Fat Tire Birkie. Im already registered. And have four rooms set for me and my friends.

And cant wait to get back to Hayward.


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