Made it.


Made it to Hayward today. Stayed in Minocqua last nite, Its cold. 39 this morn. We tried to ride but was grossly under dressed and spent about 15 minutes on the bike before I pulled the plug. I am terrible on guessing on layers. And Im pretty sure I did not bring enough along in the way of warm clothes. Come race time on Saturday I will have every piece of clothing on that I brought.

I have not seem the trails here yet. I plan on a 2 hour pre ride tomorrow around noon when it warms a bit. The locals say its not that bad. Two major ponds in the course will be re routed around. They did say lots of sticks and general crap all over the trails that they just did not have the man power to remove.

The cold weather is the story I guess. All I have extra is knee and arm warmers and a vest. Thats just going to have to do it. Ive heard temps Saturday morn as low as 28 and as high as 50 at 10am ride time.

We have just settled into the cabin. Pretty full moon a crossed the lake. Pretty awesome. Tomorrow morn will be a long stop at the coffee shop, then off to Cable to see where the race rolls out, ride a portion of that route and then over to Telemark to get the race packet. Im going to hate seeing Telemark in its current state. Im pretty sure the buildings are boarded. I will try to peek in at the spectacular lobby. Very sad.

Funny, we went to a movie here in Hayward tonite. Saw The Giver and we were all alone in the theater. Kinda creepy. I wont recommend the movie.

So thats about it so far. Looking forward to getting a ride in tomorrow since the ride this morn was a epic fail.


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