A Quickie


Its literally a few hours before I leave for the bike race. Car is packed and even the rain here does not bother me too much. I have a few tasks to do here in store than Im out.

Last nite I did the group ride. 30 miles with some of the guys and I could not have felt worse. Everything hurt. Shoulders especially. Just lack of seat time. This year has been the worst Ive ever had for ride time. The race on Saturday will turn out to be a tour at this point. Also, like I have said prior, I am done with the road bike. Last nite was the last ride.

Looks like it could be a wet race this weekend.

Here’s a article on the Hayward area.

Tilford rode the course yesterday.

So as fast as Im in here Im out. I’ll have a notebook with me up there so maybe a post if I can find the wifi.

Im pretty pumped to be heading up there. Rain or no rain.




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