Holy Hayward!

So with the cross race done and gone I can relax a bit. And relax I will. My mind now shifting to Wednesday when I leave for 5 days in Hayward WI. Doing absolutely nothing. Except the bike race on Saturday and even then its only the short one and I have absolutely no pressure.  I might even make an effort to start deal last just to say I did. I can only move forward.

Another huge boat outside the store this morn.

Im especially exited due to the fact I was supposed to go there and race the Borah Epic at the end of May but was denied due to work schedule. So Im going to try and make up for lost time.

Heres a post about the last time I did this race two years ago.

We are staying in the same cabin! I love it there. No TV!

Im taking my old 9zero7 carbon fatty up with 29+ wheels. I call it old cuz I sold it several weeks ago. Mike was nice enough to loan it back to me for this weekend. I was hoping for the Trek Farley but thats a week away. So close and yet so far.

But the carbon Whiteout will be perfect for me. Its light. Downside is that its rigid but most of the Short and Fat race is firelane anyway. Piece of cake. LIke I said, all go as fast as I can but have no real expectations. If its slow, its slow. I wont let it bother me like Ore to Shore did.

Im on vacation. I just dont care.

But alas things dont look all that good. With the Hayward area still reeling from huge storms last week (some areas still without power) the forecast doesn’t look good. Heavy rain for two out of the next four days, then temps will plummet with race time temps in the mid to low 30.s? What the what? I hear portions of the trail are still not passable from last weeks storm.

Click here to see the weather up there.

Does not look like a lot of fun if thats the case. Hopefully thing are not as bad as the look. I’ll keep the faith.

This morning I took thDSCN4106e fatbike for a little shakedown before I pack it up. A few tweeks here and there and its good to go.

About an hour and a half in the woods and some road. The woods I rode in is a piece of land we have been riding in for years but the owner has now decided to do something with it and its heavily posted and being developed. Not a popular situation with all the locals as this land has been available to us to hike\ride for years. More than 20 years for sure. Today I rode past all the mean signs and kinda said goodbye. The downed tree here is a spot Ive taken many pictures at. As I sat down for a spell I thought I saw a Pileated Woodpecker. Ive seen them here before.

Most likely I will not be here again. Very sad. I will hugely miss it.

Then tonite I’ll ride my Felt AR2 for the last time. It will then go back to stock configuration and all my personal stuff will come off. The wheels are already sold. The bike just might go on eBay. I hate to do that but its so late in the year. Last resort. But not to worry. By the time I get back from Hayward I will have a Trek Farley 8 sitting and waiting for me. And 29+ wheels to go with it. So I have that to look forward to. Any road riding will be done on the cross bike. 


Check this thing out. Cross bikes are my ride of choice. This build turned out pretty good if I dont say so myself. And its now time to ditch the road bikes and mix up the rides a bit on the cross.  Little bit road. Little bit woods. Those rides are the best.

Better go. I have a lot to do in a day and a half before I leave.




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