The Cross Race 2014

First off I must say my mind is so far past the cross race as Im heading to Hayward on Wednesday already. By I’ll think real hard.

Saw these guys on way to work. Nothing to do with race but just as cool. Pic taken with my phone.

I dont have a lot of pictures from Saturday. I’ll look on Facebook for a couple.

Things went well. Very well. Numbers were slightly up (I’ll take it) and the weather was about as good as it can get. Absolutely no issues. None. The awards and podium went better than any other year having moved them about 10 feet away from the finish. And Rich’s sound system was awesome also. Definitely improved the event.

Credit Nate P for the pic.

I cant thank the volunteers enough. In all there was 20. I think they made the best course to date. And this is the fifth race we have done. And, amazingly the entire course was up in one hour and ten minutes! Thats a record for our race. And helps me a ton getting things rolling in the morn.

Thanks to all who showed up to race. You guys are awesome. As I went about by business all day it looked like everyone was having a good time. Right down to the officials. And really, thats the only reason I (we) do this. Its just a blast. During the day Im running around quite a bit and at the time I don’t really know it but Im also having a great time. I just don’t realize how much fun I had until the next day or even a few days out.

Speaking of which, I pretty much felt like a rode a century on a beach cruiser on Sunday morn. In fact Im still a bit sore today (they always say the second day after is the worst). After a 18 hour day like that I sure can feel my age. 

The weekend did not come without a few glitches. Here’s one…..

Friday nite I hit the bed sheets around 930. With a 445am wake up I wanted to get as much sleep as I could. At 1015pm my eyes popped open and a bad feeling come over. I forgot to pick up all the blank waiver forms at the printers. I had none.

So I got back up and drove to the store (1035pm) and started printing one by one off my crappy printer. Almost a minute per copy. After just 20 I called around to mini marts to see if they had copy machines. I found one that did and went there (1110pm). After making a total of 200 copies at .25 cents per I headed home and got back in bed about 1145pm. Just to realize I forgot my phone at the store when I was there and its my alarm along with everything else. Back out of bed (1155pm) and drove back to the store for a second time, go there at 1210am, grabbed my phone and drove home again. Getting to bed for the third time at 1245am. Setting the alarm on my phone for 445am.

And then realizing in the morning that 77 people had pre registered and didn’t need a waiver to sign. So I passed a hundred or so forms on to the next race.

Such is the trials and tribulations of a race director.

 Obviously I survived the day and despite lack of sleep had a great time.

And look forward to doing it again next year.


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