Not Going

With all the whirlwind that is my life Ive been too busy to realize, until today, that Im not going to Interbike.

2009 Interbike

I like going there. Its at a time when I need a break from the store. Its pretty much the only time I get to fly in a big plane. As for the show, I spend about 4 hours there on one day.

Not a big fan of big room full of crowded people. 

I do like to see all the celebs hanging out. A couple of nice bikes. Sometimes I get to talk to someone face to face after talking on the phone several times. Guys from Felt or Shimano. Nice to shake hands after doing so much business with them.

But then I pretty much stay away for the show and go to the real reason I go to Vegas.

And that would be Crossvegas.

Anyone who is anyone in the cross scene is there racing. Even some Euro’s show up. Its the closest I will get to a pro peloton. In the same race you can see Sven Nys pulling away and maybe 15 spots back the riders are taking beer handups. I once watched Danny Sumerhill jump off his bike to collect all the dollars on the ground and get back on the bike and not lose a spot. Some take it seriously. Some dont. And some do both.

2009 Crossvegas

Its an awesome race to spectate and thats what I’ll miss the most this year.

Ive fallen into a every other year pattern for Interbike. With the off year spending the same week up in Hayward doing the Fat Tire 40 ( or 16) for this year.

In TBT fashion all the pics on this post were from 2009, my first trip out there.




2009 Floyd

Im not a fan of Vegas. One day and nite is all I can take of that place. Again, too many people. So after the bike race on Wednesday we have always taken a small road trip. One year its the Dam, the other was Zion National Park and I can remember another in Death Valley National Park. I think we did the Dam twice, once before the bridge was done(2009) and last year after it was done(2013).

Remember this guy on the left?

Back in 2009 Floyd was still a bit of a thing I guess. He had a table set up to sign autographs and pretty much nobody was there. I think he left way early. George Hincappie was set up right next to him. His line went out the door. Ironically both doped. But George had Lance on his side so he never got caught.

So while Im pumped to get to Hayward, WI in a few days, for a few day, I’ll miss the excitement that is Crossvegas.

Moving on… I was planing a ride this morn also but there is rain all around today. Besides, I have a lot of work to do for the cross race. And a cross bike to finish, and a road bike that need to be put back to stock to sell. And stuff to sell and floor bikes to build. And some accounting to do. And clean the bathroom. And finish this post.

Id better go.




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