“we gatta get a bigger boat”

Rained out Monday. Rained out Tuesday. This morning I finally got out for a ride. Last nite the group did get out as the rained stopped just before ride time but I just did not want to put the bike on wet roads. I need to sell that thing sooner than later.

But this morning was perfect weather, sunny and cool. And… the store does not open till 11 now so my morning window got way bigger. Almost a two hour ride. First in a week. Loved it and looking forward to many more as we head into my favorite time of year. Saw that huge boat this morn. They come in right behind the store. It looks expensive.

I always take my outside time up a notch in fall. First off cuz I can and second cuz its just the best time to be outside. Soon trees will turn and that’s always awesome. I’ll be in the woods quite a bit.

Work in progress

Soon (maybe today) the cross bike will be done and I’ll switch over to that, putting a final clean on the road bike and parking it until sold. Will put it back to stock and take off all my personal (cool) stuff. Then its all cross all the time.

Heres the bike today. Just need to string up the cables, wrap the bars and tune. Its Sram’s CX1 driveline.

Having a one by on the fatbike last winter has me convinced thats the way to go. I’ll go 1X11 and as many bikes as I can. And its not all Sram. Shimano has that configuration out now and thats what will be on my next MTB. Who knows, maybe Di2?

Seems all cross race stuff is handled and thats always scary cuz Im thinking I must have forgot something.

Will find out Saturday if I did.



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