I Survived

Saw this guy this morn. (Tues)

Monday morn.

The Dells Family Vacation has come and gone. While it was nice to get away this weekend just confirms that I dont like to sit in a inside water park for hours on end with five thousand other people. Just not my thing. The kids\grandkids had a good time tho so I tolerate it. So I pretty much was either sitting in a lawn chair, sleeping or eating. Not the perfect situation for me but again it was nice to hang with the Fam. Its now really Monday morn and Im prepping for a bike ride. A much shorter one due to the impending rain. If I get wet Im pretty sure I wont melt.

Tuesday morn.

The short work week will raise hell on cross race prep. Man, what a week I have ahead of me. By this time next week the cross race will be done and done and I’ll be prepping for 4 days up in Hayward, WI. But I cant look ahead right now. I need to focus on tasks at hand. Im pretty much set on cross race stuff. I hope.

I did not get a ride in yesterday. Ten minutes after I typed it rained pretty hard. And I lost all my ambition. So I started to build the Crockett up. Taking parts back off of Pinky to do so. So close to getting the old bike back up and running. But it just makes more sense to build a bike I can sell quickly. Most likely in about a month.

Schools are back in session and that means  20% slowdown at the store. No longer open Sundays and will start opening at 11am during the week. That means morning ride time just got more manageable. Now I just need to get off my ass and take advantage. Should be some nice cross bike rides ahead of me.

Im looking forward to that.


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