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Missed it.


The awesome string of weather has come and gone. And I missed it all. Yesterday was 75 and sun. Today is 48 and clouds. Son of a…. My flu has run its course all the way to the last stage And thats the coughing up gross crap stage. Im feeling pretty strong now, not back to normal but good enough for me. And I can almost talk normal.

This morn I saw my first ship out on the ocean (Lake Michigan). The US Undaunted is a really small open cargo ship that pretty much stays close to shore all the time. Its on its way to the Chicago area. Most likely hauling salt. The bigger Ore ships are still running down the middle. Wont see them for a month or so yet.

Im going to assume (pray) that Indian summer will return. In fact its not true Indian summer until we have our first freeze of the year. Still, its the end of September and we should have a ton of good weather to go before it gets too blustery. Like today.

Nothing in the works for any substantial time off. Just looking at maybe taking a day up to Door County to see the turned leaves. Thats about it. Maybe next week.

Besides that its just settle in to the changing of the seasons. For better or for worse.


Make Up Time


This weather is why I live in Wisconsin. Trees are turning color, sun is out and its pretty much warmer than it was in summer. As I always say this time of year its game on.

But not for me. Today I feel the best in a week. It was a week ago yesterday that I started feeling crappy. While Im still no where need 100% Im glad I feel better and can start taking advantage of this string of near perfect weather.

That was not the case this weekend. The worse part was Fri\Sat. I was miserable. I could not talk. People called the store Saturday (I was alone) and could not understand what I was saying. Saturday morn I spent an hour at the walk in clinic only to have to leave to be at work by 10am. I felt horrible. Saturday was just one of those days I should not have been at the store. Sunday I woke and felt a little better at had a hour long easy pedal ride, then home to lay on the couch and watch football the rest of the day.

Today I feel stronger. Still am coughing up terrible stuff and my ears are still plugged and hurting a little but its finally running its course. Today, in the store I will try and catch up on all the paperwork stuff and look ahead to see how long this perfect weather streak will go and plan to take advantage of it as best I can.

With getting a late start I’ll try to make up time.

Wish me luck.




Not a whole lot to say. Feeling worse every day. So Im not going to say much. Except todays pic in my happy place is not of the lake. Something different. The trees are starting to turn. Its game on right now and Im grounded. Not happy.

No riding for me. This thing is closing in on a week. Might have to hit up the walk in clinic…  I’ll wait till Monday.

Have a great weekend.


What to Talk About?


I was going to talk about me being sick but thats old news and still ongoing. I now hope to just be able to pull off a ride on the weekend. And I might as well work on Saturday. Still running a temp. Still pretty much doping to function. Last nite I slept 11 hours. Moving on.

Ive posted quite  bit about fatbikes. I should categorize my posts so that there is a reference to them all. But I dont. For the most part I was there from the days of the Pug being the only one. Ive had a Pug, then a Moonlander. Then I had a 9zero7 Aluminum frame. Then a Farley. From the Farley I then went to a 9zero7 Whiteout carbon and now back to a Farley with the Bluto fork.

I have not been on the bike yet. I was hoping to have it for the bike race just a bit over a week ago but it came just two days late. Tomorrow I will get some nice 29+ wheels for it and that will be my MTB to ride into the winter months. And beyond.

So Im not completely sold on the fork. My first thought is that its just not needed for winter riding. I mean, a groomed trail is as smooth as a babys behind. So really then, its a summer thing. Which is awesome. Making these bikes more of a 12 month bike is what is needed and Ive been on the bandwagon for years.

Looking back, I very much embraced the smaller rim. I went from a 100m Clown Shoe to the 65m Marge lite. It just was easier to flick around on trails in summer. Then from the 65m I went to the 47m Northpaw. Again, with a 3.8 tire it was just more ridable. True, I lot a bit of float when things got soft, but not that much. Not enough to go back wider. Many times I rode side by side with 80 or 100 m rims with my 47. With no issues.

Sadly, one of the main ti20140925_093632[1]mes I could have used more float was last January up in Marquette. So it did come back to bite me there….. but there were guys on 80’s having issues too.

So making these bikes summer bikes have been mainstay for me since I started riding them.

So now we have the Bluto fork.

First off, it adds weight to the bike. Here we were all carboned out with 24 pound rigid bikes and now we take a step back in the weight department by adding a fork. Again, to me its not needed in winter. Ive done both Fatbike Birkies and really that front end would not have made any difference. I would have and will lock it out for that kind of stuff.

No help on groomed trails.

But this will make the bike a better summer bike. If thats what your looking to do. If your fatbike riding in summer is limited it might not be worth the extra money. I would not want to drag that thing around locked out all winter just to help out on 5 summer rides. So you gatta think about that.

That said, I sure could have used that at Shuammy. The rigid 9zero7 beat the crap out of me. Old guys like me with bad backs just cant do that anymore. So Im sure that that fork will treat me nice when Im riding it this fall. For sure it will let me ride all the rocky trails I want. But once the snow flys Im not sure what Im going to do with it. Most likely keep it on to start but if its just extra weight being dragged along I might swap.

Of course this is all speculation. I have not even pedaled the bike yet. Again, I hope to this weekend. Then maybe my view will change. It usually does. But its still summer and I’ll put the fork thru summer paces. I wish it had a remote lockout. I’ll call and see if ones available….

I’ll get those summer 29+ wheels on it and  do some summer riding. Then report.