My Friday


Another glorious morning. Almost perfect. A pretty good breeze off the lake and it was warm. That feels weird. A month ago that breeze would be 20 degrees cooler. Today its warm. So it took until August for the lake to warm. Thats crazy.

Yesterday was no post due to bike ride. Tuesday nites ride did not go well for me. About 10 miles in I just felt crappy. Everything hurt. I felt old. To the point I just abandoned the ride and went back to the store. Maybe I just didn’t eat right. Or maybe the lack of sleep of late. Or just stress. Whatever.

So Wednesday morning I packed up the bike and headed to the Kettles with the road bike to try climbing a bit. I do this sometimes. After a terrible ride on the bike I head out to punish myself with climbing. I cant fake it then. Im not disciplined enough to do intervals alone so this route forces me to go hard. I think I climbed more than I have all summer. And I felt better. Not faster. Just better. I’ll take it.

Now its going to be awhile till I ride again. Most likely Monday. Today is my last day at work this week as I head with the Fam to the Dells. Sitting in a waterpark with thousands of others in not my kind of vacation, in fact by Sunday I’ll need a vacation from that vacation. But its good to get the entire family together at the same time. So I tolerate it.

Since Monday is a Holiday I would hope to get in four hours on the roadie. Most likely solo.

I have changed my mind about building Pinky. Instead, Ive ordered a Crockett frameset to build. That way I can sell it easier than stripping down Pinky to part out. I do have a Di2 cross bike coming from either Felt or Raleigh in the next month. I’ll sell the Crockett then. So I’ll disassemble what I already have on Pinky and start over with the new frame. I really didn’t get far on that old frame anyway. So not so much extra work.

I’ll have a notebook with me in the Dells but Im sure I wont be posting a lot.

My mind will be on the next weeks cross race the whole time there anyway. Im pretty sure Im ready but I always forget one thing. Wonder what that one thing will be this year?

Last day of work for four days for me. Got a lot to do. Better run.


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