I Survived.


Back a little over two months ago I lost a key summer employee who was going to be putting in about 30 hours per week. He left to work in a National park for the summer so I cant blame him. But he’s back now and I kinda feel like Ive been let out of jail.

I knew it was going to be a longer than usual summer with me pretty much picking up most of those hours myself. I guess I didn’t mind knowing its just what you do when you own a small biz. You do what you need to do. As a friend once always told me when things happen…. “You’ll live”. And I did.

I knew my ride time was going to take a hit. Working every weekend all summer. But I guess its over. I survived. He’s back to work here, things are generally winding down and Im going to take full advantage. I have a lot of pent up vacation time to take. And its the kind that if you dont use it you lose it.

This weekend Im off three days taking my kids\grandkids to the Dells. Weekend after that is my cross race so even tho Im not going anywhere my store time will be limited and replaced with race stuff.

Then, the weekend after that Im up in Hayward for the bike race. It looks like we can leave Wednesday already. This is something I look very forward to. Remember I had to bail in a race there last May 31st due to no help in store. Spending a extra couple days there this time will almost make up for that. Especially if I can ride a new Trek Farley 8 with 29+ wheels. The wheels have been ordered so I need to keep that project moving forward….

Then, the next weekend me and my wife are planning a few days up in Eagle River \ Minoqua area. A friend has borrowed me his CoMotion tandem (which he bought here) and will ride that up there then. I think thats going to be around the 20th of Sept or so.

Then, I want to do at least a small bike tour. Maybe just a couple or three days. That will have to happen before the stores MTB race Oct 11\12. If its a short one I might need to change direction with that. Ive always went north. Maybe a quick ride across the lake first? I’ll think of something.

Man, Im out till the middle of Oct right now with stuff. Thats nuts!

All this will lead me right into fall, my fave time of year.


2 thoughts on “I Survived.

    1. Nope. Ive settled on a every other year schedule for Vegas. While I dont care much for the bike show, I will miss crossvegas. If you ever have been there you would know why… its a spectacle.

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