Rainy Days an Mondays

So here I sit on a Monday morn. Its raining a ton. Its been muggy so I hope a cold front is moving thru.

So this weekend was so uneventful. Just work. Not a bit of riding. In fact when I ride tomorrow nite it will have been an entire week off a bike. Thats a bummer. But it happens. Today I only have the road bike to ride. In a few days I will have Pinky in cross bike mode to ride. On paper that build sure looks nice. I cant wait to see the finished product. I love building bikes from scratch.

As days get closer to Sept 6th the cross race spends more and more time in my head. Next week Monday it will be nuts. Wait, that’s Labor Day so next week Tuesday. Im trying to stay cool right now.

As most of my demo bikes departed early this fall, I think Ive caught a break as Treks Farley looks like it might be here in time for Shuammy in 3 weeks. I am working ahead and am getting in all the fixins’ to build up a 29+ wheelset for it before it gets here. Its a 170 rear and now with the Bluto fork a 150 front. Fatbike hub sizes are still crazy but I see a standard on the horizon. I see 150 for the front anyway. The rear is still between 170 and 190. The differences are still a pain but its getting manageable.

I applaud Trek for getting these bikes out early. Thank you. Selling fatbikes that come out in December (or later) is a bummer. It seems I’ll be in full fatbike stock in the beginning of Oct. Perfect timing. A majority of these bikes will be Trek. Two levels to choose from. The days of spec building these bikes are pretty much done with. And thats a good thing. Im not sure how many 9zero7’s I’ll get in. And if I do its most likely another carbon Whiteout.

Its so much easier to sell these bikes when they come complete. In the past someone would stop in asking about them and they would ask about ask about a 9zero7 but never could really compare as each dealer built the bikes different spec’s. The XT level bikes I build were way more that the X5 another would build. So now its apples to apples. And make my life a bit easier in the respect. Besides the Treks (I have 10) that are coming in I’ll bring in two Felts also. They also have two levels of bikes with nice components.

Gone by the wayside is the Surly Pug.  The 135 rear hub’s days are numbered I think. I usually put two on the floor but not anymore. Surly does make other models like the Moonlander and Ice Cream Truck that I will consider.

Its funny how fast I switch from summer mode to fall mode. Not funny haha but funny weird.


Wa da ya think?

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