Out With Old

So today I say goodbye to my fatbike. Sold and gone.Story of my life.


Now Im scrambling to find a bike for Shuammy in three weeks. Maybe I should just ride Pinky.

Yesterday I put in the first of several orders for Pinkys new set up. Sram CX 1X11. Force shifters. The bike is not disk so I didn’t have to worry about that. Most likely will but take the wheels off my road bike also. It should be a good build. Will start today. Should take about a week with a few components to pick out yet.

So now Im waiting for Trek’s Farley to hit my store. Im getting one with the Bluto fork. That might just be nice to finish off the summer with. Maybe it will be here before Shaummy. That would be fun.


I complain a lot about my bikes. Its hard to nail down a timeline as to when to get them and when to sell them. I never get it right. Easy come easy go. My real cross bike wont be here now until mid Sept at the earliest. So Pinky will have to hold me over until the end of road season. Which for me comes sooner than later.

Also on a brighter note Im gaining one employee this weekend that will let me take some time off. And not a moment too soon. Between now and Shuammy Im planning two days up in Eagle River\Minoqua for some bike riding. Thats my next adventure I guess.

Pinky’s parts just got here. Time to get to work (and build Pinky too!) Pic to come.



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