Cross Race ( and stuff)

So all that “Im getting slower” crap behind me I turn tword my cross race in less than two weeks. I dont really know why I do this. I barely break even. I stress out as the days get closer. Its still way easier than the MTB race. The only real work is setup.

Ive got maybe two hours to set. Due to the fact its a open park with a frisbee golf couse I cant pre set anything so we start at about 530am, get organised and go hard for two hours hoping to be done by 8am, races at 9am.

Once the course is set I can relax a bit.

Heres the flyer for the race.

Today and in the next week or so Im organizing help for set up and putting together the prizes. Again, I dont get rich doing it. I dont sell bikes doing it or anything else for that matter. I guess I just like cross bikes, cross racing the most out of all the genre of bike. Every year I do this I say its the last but I always regroup after and decide to give it another go.

I guess I just like to organize something that people seem to have fun doing. Back in the day I raced a few and had a blast. I would love to try it again but refer to the last two posts. When you suck at cross racing there is no hiding. With MTB’s you can tool around and nobody knows if your leading your wave or getting creamed. So many bikes out there that you just never know. So no pressure. But cross racing its very obvious that you are not competitive. Thats just the way it is.

Thats most likely the main reason that beginners do not try it. If your getting lapped everyone there knows it. There’s no where to hide. But that just the way it is. Its a spectator friendly bike race. So your being watched all the time. So thats a good thing and a bad thing all at once….

As I mentioned a million times before Im running low on bikes. The MTB was gone prematurely, soon my road bike will get put back to stock and not ridden anymore, I have a dude looking at my 9zero7 Whiteout as we speak. With all those bikes hopefully gone what will I have left?

Well, Im building up Pinky again so there’s that. I do have a cross bike due the first week of next month but Im not so sure on the delivery date. Hence the quick Pinky build. Around the first week of Sept the Farley fatbikes are due. I would not mind taking one of those up to Shaummy since I can care less how I finish. I could try and build a quick 29+ wheelset for it? Thats most likely a long shot. But would be cool.

But the long and the short of it is in a few weeks I will only have a cross and a fat bike and thats fine by me. This time of year I dont really need anything else. Summer’s over, right?



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