Retirement. Part One

814 am

Its been over a week since I last sat down a spell in my happy place. Its still pretty full of people. But that will change soon. In three weeks school starts and that cuts visitors in half. That will also cut the store’s volume by half also. Prepping now for the future. The deal in bike stores is always plan ahead. Never think of today, think of next month.

Ive received a lot of feed back about changing my race from the long to short. All positive. It seems quite a bit of riders do the same thing. Race the short, watch the 40 mile winners come in, get some lunch, then head out for a good day of trail riding. Thats sounds awesome to me.

A lot better than riding four hours hard, complain about how slow I was, limp back to the cabin, rest, and feel like I got hit with a two by four for a few days.

You know, Im taking this next race with such a grain of salt that I dont care where I start. The short race has just as many riders as the long. You start in Cable and not in Hayward.

In the past I would always stress about getting there early to make sure I got a good spot. Cripes, at Ore 2 Shore I was there way too early and just sat there for well over an hour. Im done with that.

In fact, I most likely will not pay to do Shuammy again. Its just too expensive. In fact, if my health issues continue to compound I might not do any races at all. Complete retirement.

Not that I would not ride, or ride as fast as I can. Just wont pay the money to do it. I figured out that with all the fee’s for Shuammy, and add in the 10 dollar fee to change to the short, then divide by 16 miles Im paying $6.92 cents per mile to race. Or a estimated $90 per hour. Thats a lot.

Not saying I would not go up there but go up just to ride and watch and hang. But save $100 plus bucks doing so.

That said, I would have no problem pulling a Brett Favre and come back to trying to compete if by chance I would lose weight and feel better. But I think Favre has a better chance at returning to competition than I do.

It seems that Im talking a lot about a issue I considered closed yesterday but its been on my mind the last few days. So I’ll save any more for the week before I leave. Moving on.


Wa da ya think?

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