Another weekend flies by. I barely remember it. Saturday morn I got out for my usual hour and a half before work ride. Im pretty sure I could do this route with my eyes closed. It does get boring a bit. About 80% of my road rides are this route and by the end of the summer I want to just throw the road bike in the lake (or sell it). After doing this ride 900 times in a summer Im done and ready for the cross or mountain bike. Which, by the way I do not have either right now. Well, I do have the 29+ fat bike.



Yesterday I took that one out to our local park after work. I was reminded that it is a rigid bike a million times as that place is getting burned out and roots are everywhere. I can see getting a fatbike with the Bluto fork for that stuff. Not so much in winter but for summer riding that fork will be helpful. But those trails are getting bad.  Soon we will need to re route and get off those beat up trails. After riding in a place called Marquette its pretty evident that the trails that used to flow out there now do not. This park is pretty close to my last choice now for MTBing.

But at least Im in the woods. Riding slow and getting the crap beat out of be on that bike but still in the woods.

As far as a cross bike I believe I might just get Pinky out of retirement. Its sitting frame only right now so its a clean slate. Its been a while since I built a bike from scratch.

Im thinking 1 by 11. Im thinking not the road 11 speed but the MTB cassette. 42 by 10. Is that possible? Can I have that ratio with a road shifter? I will find out. That would be cool. I’ll start preliminary ground work today. I might need to use Sram for that driveline but that fine. Its good stuff.

Im sure I will get a demo cross bike but not for another month or so.

So yesterday I pulled the trigger already in the Shuammy race in a month. Ive bumped down to the Short and Fat which is only 16 miles. It should take me a pinch over an hour, less than a hour and a half. Did that for two reasons. First the 40 is doable for me but it will knock me out for a few days. I just dont want to go limping around. Especially when its only noon on Saturday and I would have a day and a half to go ride somewhere yet. Second is that I would have to borrow a bike again and I just dont want to do that. I’ll use the rigid 9zero7 since the race is so much shorter. No way could I ride that bike for 40 miles up and down those hills.

I was going to give this some more time but now Im pretty much in full cross race organizing mode and wanted to just get this issue out of the way. Done an done. Im looking forward to that weekend as a nice relaxing and trail riding weekend with a little race thrown in the middle.

Its Monday and that means ordering day but I actually did most of that yesterday so Im a little less busy today. Thats no a bad thing. I can start “Pinky planning” now!


4 thoughts on “WEEKEND UPDATE

  1. It seems simple enough to me that if you are tired of your normal cycling route; I’m sure you have other choices that you could make. Why complain about it when you could simply ride in another direction?

    1. I guess it is just as easy as that. But my store is on the south side of town, so to go north or west would put me thru town. To many stop lites and junk. And even tho Ive done it a million times its still perfect for my time window…….

  2. I didn’t think i was complaining that much. Just stating I do that route quite a bit. A soon as I change to cross bikes the route will include some woods and all will be right with the world.

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