Another glorious sunny morning. A bit cool at 55 degrees but that’s perfect as far as Im concerned. I dont mind wearing arm warmers in August.

Minimal help in the store with me this weekend so its most likely going to be a busy one. But I get to keep more of the money I make when I go it alone. Simple business economics. Will get in a ride in the morn at 8am. Couple others will join. My usual hour and a half before the store opens. Sunday maybe a longer one after work. Hopefully MTB for that one.

Looking at the calender Im open only two more Sundays after this next one. Where did the summer go?

I get pumped about the start of the selling season. Checking account get big and cash flow is easy to manage. But during some point in the summer I start getting tired and wish it to end. So I can slow down. Its a crazy cycle owning a bike store and pretty much is the worst thing about it. Feast or famine. Nothing in between.

The cool temps remind me that my favorite time of year is close at hand. Fall is by far the best time of year for being out side. Way better than summer. And I cant wait. Stores hours get cut back and I can ride a lot more. Trees are awesome. I would say temps are cooler but thats been pretty much all summer.

And I’ll try like hell to make up for time off lost this summer by heading up north as much as I can. Hayward, Eagle River and Door County wont know what hit them. I think of it everyday.

Another thing Im thinking about it the stores cross race. Three weeks and counting. Now that the stores party is done my time and thoughts will turn to that. And not much else….



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