The Plan

Ride this more. Climb hills. Repeat.

Its crazy how fast things fall back into normal and last weekend seems like a million years ago. I got up and headed straight to the park to relax a bit but there were people every where I tried to sit. During that time of day I really need to be alone. No offence to others in the park. Just the way it is. So then I head to the store to be alone and hang on the deck with my coffee. Or write posts on my blog. Its 52 degrees this morn. I could have had the heat on. yesterday I had the A\C running.

Tues nite we had 6 bikes on the shop ride and I felt strangely good. Maybe the hard effort Saturday helped me a bit. You know, when I think about it more its not the lack of seat time. I think I do get enough ride time although it is down just a bit. But its the lack of hard efforts that has hurt me this year.

In the past I have attended the local group rides on Saturdays and Wednesdays. They are fast and force me to push hard. Ive been dropped many a time on those. Ive even been happy getting dropped 15 minutes later than the last ride. I thought that showed improvement.

But I no longer do those due to work and my hard efforts or intervals as the pro’s call it is down at least 80% from other years. And man can I feel it. In every ride. I still want to do the 40 mile Fat Tire race in a month so I might need to jump on some of those road rides. Or better yet just MTB more and blast the hills.

Heading out on the road bike for 3 hours and holding one steady effort riding solo just does not cut it for me anymore. I just can not replicate those efforts on my own. I need a reason to do it. I need to have to do it. I think a few mornings a week on the MTB on some hilly trails will do me good to stay on the 40 miles race plan in a month. The shorter race is only 15 miles. I dont want to do that. And by MTB I mean the 9zero7 fatbike. Summer 29+wheels of course.

So thats going to be the plan. For now.

Tonite I have a band playing on the stores deck. Im in the store very early and will stay vary late. A long day for sure. But fun I hope.

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