Marquette In Pics.


So I spent a lot of time by myself last weekend. Unlike lasts years disaster I prepared better for that. I hung out a lot in the local park. Relaxed in a lawn chair along the shores. The weather was perfect all weekend. Here’s some pics of Marquette.

Above is where all the people jump off the cliff into the water. Its a Marquette thing. I have not done it. I dont like water much.

Crappy camera

The ship watching here is nothing short of spectacular. Heres a crappy, blury pic of one leaving and one coming. At that time there were three in port at once. So Marquette plays into my feeble big ship hobby and that makes this town just more appealing to me. Two things for me: MTBing and shipwatching.


The park itself is pretty nice. Its small but you can hang out in it. Watch the cliff jumpers one minute then drive to the other side to watch the ships. Or just hang out and read a book by the big lake. Before I even checked in the the hotel I drove thru the park. Friday thru Sunday I was here twice a day.


The ore dock is right at the parks entrance so you can see the big ships when in port.

Im sure the locals a used to this but Im not. I watched them load this ship with ore. Its quite the operation.

I also took some time to drive around a bit and hit parts of the town that I never have before. All Ive seen up to this point was the touristy lake front. There definitely is some lower end neighborhoods there. As in any town I guess.


Ive lived my entire life along the shores of Lake Michigan. The shoreline here is way different. Lots of rocky outcroppings. Black rock they call it. It everywhere along the shore.


Little islands of the stuff is everywhere and really makes the lakeshore’s landscape much different than back home. And very interesting.


Then, along with a ton of rocks there is a ton of sand. During the bike race you were either riding on rock or riding in sand. A strange combo but one that must go together in some way. Just in every way the land here is so different than back home. We have rocks too. But not like up here. We have sand too. But not like up here. For the most part everything is the same up here, but different.

Throw all that at me and add in the exceptional MTBing AND the awesome groomed winter fat bike trails and Im in.  Im in for real. Its hard to leave.


Wa da ya think?

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