Presque Island Park

So its really Saturday nite. Sitting in my hotel along the shores of Lake Superior. The race is over and thats left for the next post. Im alive and have mixed feelings about it. But really this is Mondays post. Having been gone for three days will make a busy Monday for me. I have the time now so now is when I will post.

I’ll get up tomorrow (Sunday), ride a very, very short time on Marquettes awesome trails, and head the four hour drive home. I’m packing up tonite from living in this hotel room alone for 3 days. I cant believe how messy I am. I have a bit of cleaning up to do.

So I was a little concerned about coming up alone but I handled it way better than last year. I planned better. And caught a break with things like watching a few ships come into Marquette’s port. Here’s the Herbert Jackson coming in Saturday nite.


Thursday nite I stopped into Blackrocks Brewery with a few of the Milwaukee crew, Tonite I had dinner at Aburee’s with a few friends too.  So my  time was filled enough that DSCN4083I was not to lonely. Pre rode the last part of the course Friday. Was very careful not to ride too much like last year. Then out to dinner solo. And a drive around town to get more acquainted with the town.

Such a change in atmosphere when you come to this town.

Hockey is the sport of choice here. Its a college town and Im sure there’s some scholarships for that. Im not a big fan of that sport.

But the visit this weekend has been pleasant. Spent a lot of time in Presque Island Park. Its the equivalent of my happy place I  guess. Very nice. Its where you hang to watch the ships and jump off the cliffs. Theres a spot where you can jump off a 30 or so foot cliff into Lake Superior. If your into that sort of thing.

I really like it here. I would not mind the stern winters. The summers are spectacular. I will make arrangements to stop back in here before it gets cold. Maybe late September.

It was also nice just to get away from the store in a big way. Did not even talk to anyone there since Thursday. But I bet my desk will have several days of work on it when I get back. Thats all part of owning a small biz. Things keep turning when your gone.

Next talk will be Tuesday. Full race report.


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