Im Off

So today is the day I ditch all of life’s responsibility’s. Sorta kinda. Hitting the road around 2pm. Right from the store. No need to stop back home.

packed and ready.

Of course this does not come without a hitch. Yesterday I took the MTB out for an hour or so in the morning to get it set back up for me. That went well but around noon I started to not feel the best. By mid afternoon I felt like crap. Still do. Got hit with some kind of stomach flu and cant eat or bad things happen.

I figured it was only Wednesday and Im not racing till Saturday so I’ll act business as usual and hope this blows over in a day or so. So nothing is cancelled but Im spending a majority of my time in the bathroom. Seems a little better this morn. A little. I’ll try and eat later this morn.

I would say something on the order of this is the story of my life but I wont unless it puts a dent in the weekend. Hopefully much better in the morning.

Im not putting a lot of merit on the race. It would be a pleasant surprise to finish even close to my last two year’s time. On the flip side, it would be devastating to finish more that 15 minutes off. Pretty much confirming that I am in the worst riding shape of my life. At least my cycling life. Thats the way I feel right now anyway.

But Im approaching this race differently. In the past, I just got up and raced. This weekend Im going to try and eat right(if I can eat) and stay hydrated. Im always the worst at eating and drinking on the bike. For this race the last two years Im pretty sure I did not drink more that a half a bottle in two hours.

Two years ago for the Shuammy Fat Tire 40 I was out three and a half hours and did not finish a bottle either. Thats bad. And after the race Im sick for the next day from dehydration. This weekend Im going to do more normal things like eat a bunch of pasta on Friday. Ive got bottles water along so I will start drinking more water today. I’ll have a few bonk breaker bars on me for the race. Maybe even eat one a hour in the race.

And been debating about using a energy drink like Heed or Cytomax but I think that would be a mistake to have race day the first time I use it. Especially with my stomach the way it is today. But between the water and better food will give me a shot in the arm. Even if my fitness sucks.

Leaving today at 2pm. Will hit Marquette around 7pm (8pm up there) check in to hotel and lay low. Up in the morning and over to Babycakes coffee to hang a bit. Figure ride time late morning. Then chill the rest of the day.

Race Saturday, rest up and then hit Brunos Run on the way home instead of Friday morn.

I’ll have a laptop with me. Maybe a post, maybe not. I would not mind being off the grid for a few days.


Wa da ya think?

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