Its Time…

Its time to talk about the inevitable. Ive held back but now is the time to open the flood gates.

Im frickin’ headed to Marquette Michigan!

Looks like Im I will be speeding north mid afternoon Thursday. Friday morning I will be hitting up a trail system called “Brunos Run” just outside Munising,MI. Its a very scenic 9 miles of trail winding past a few small lakes and campgrounds. Then maybe around noon get to Marquette and ride the last few miles of the race backwards.

I always ride to the sand pits, then turn around and come back. Those of you who have done Ore to Shore would know what Im talking about when I mention the sand pits. Its just a lot of sand and you ride down into it. Lots of riders fall down. In the two years Ive done this race Ive cleared it once and walked it once. Its fun watching all the roadies try it.

Saturday is of course the race and it will be over by noon. Then its back to the room to get cleaned up and right now I’m planning a relaxing rest of the day. Maybe a book to read along the shores of Lake Superior. Watching the ships come and go out of the port there. Some thing like that.

Sunday will be another ride on the infamous trails of Marquette. Couple hours then pack up near noon and head home. Hope things go as planned.

Im only bringing one bike. My Felt Edict One that Dan A. is loaning back to me after buying it a month ago. Rest assured it will come back in better shape than went dropped off.

A post on last years race.

This will be my first trip to Marquette this summer. Usually by now this would have been my second or third. Its become my mostest favorite place to go. Trails are second to none in both summer and winter. Its got a port that big ships come and go almost daily. Feeding my second hobby of big ship spotting. Its a collage town with a very small feel to it. Its got things like bear and moose running around.

So… yeah. I like it. A lot.

No post tomorrow as I’ll be riding (training) in the morn. Maybe a quickie on Thursday morn but in my mind I will be long gone already. Im already having issues with concentrating. I’ll have a laptop along so maybe a quick post from up there… maybe not.


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