Weekend Update

Not much to report in the way of bike riding this weekend. But I did ride my bike home from work Saturday and then back to work Sunday. So there’s that. Its tough to blog on a Monday morn when you have had a boring weekend. Shortest weekend report ever.

So lets talk about this blog. I find it kinda strange at times. When I talk to some people I mention stuff and they look at me funny. They already know cuz they’ve been here. I dont do this for the intent to have people read it although its public. I really do it for myself. Its kinda like a long drawn out diary that repeats itself a lot. And I like to write stuff. Just a hobby.

But like I have said many times I am very careful what to write. Its a public diary so I cant really write things when Im angry.  Or sad (that’s what Facebook is for).

Ive been doing this almost everyday since 2004. I do go back quite often to see what I was up to. Sometimes I like to look back 5 years to the day and see what  I wrote. Remember Myspace? I started there but then went to Googles blogspot. Then a little over a year ago I went to WordPress and here I will stay. In fact, Im thinking of changing the stores website over to WordPress also. Something to do when sales slow down.

Thats a moose. Pic cred to Scott M.

If you look up at my pic it does have some relevance today. A customer of mine here in town has family up in the U.P. He ‘s racing O2S and is up there already and posted a few pics on Facebook. He was riding part of the Ore to Shore course that I’ll (and a few thousand more) will be riding in a few days and stumbled on a moose. How cool is that?

So Im at the store super early today. Get ordering done, get banking done and even some cross race issues to do today(thats coming up next).

Trying to stay ahead of the ball game this week. The sooner I get thing settled here the sooner I can hop in my car and head north to the U.P. to find my own moose. Looks like Thursday. More later.


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