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My Friday


Another glorious morning. Almost perfect. A pretty good breeze off the lake and it was warm. That feels weird. A month ago that breeze would be 20 degrees cooler. Today its warm. So it took until August for the lake to warm. Thats crazy.

Yesterday was no post due to bike ride. Tuesday nites ride did not go well for me. About 10 miles in I just felt crappy. Everything hurt. I felt old. To the point I just abandoned the ride and went back to the store. Maybe I just didn’t eat right. Or maybe the lack of sleep of late. Or just stress. Whatever.

So Wednesday morning I packed up the bike and headed to the Kettles with the road bike to try climbing a bit. I do this sometimes. After a terrible ride on the bike I head out to punish myself with climbing. I cant fake it then. Im not disciplined enough to do intervals alone so this route forces me to go hard. I think I climbed more than I have all summer. And I felt better. Not faster. Just better. I’ll take it.

Now its going to be awhile till I ride again. Most likely Monday. Today is my last day at work this week as I head with the Fam to the Dells. Sitting in a waterpark with thousands of others in not my kind of vacation, in fact by Sunday I’ll need a vacation from that vacation. But its good to get the entire family together at the same time. So I tolerate it.

Since Monday is a Holiday I would hope to get in four hours on the roadie. Most likely solo.

I have changed my mind about building Pinky. Instead, Ive ordered a Crockett frameset to build. That way I can sell it easier than stripping down Pinky to part out. I do have a Di2 cross bike coming from either Felt or Raleigh in the next month. I’ll sell the Crockett then. So I’ll disassemble what I already have on Pinky and start over with the new frame. I really didn’t get far on that old frame anyway. So not so much extra work.

I’ll have a notebook with me in the Dells but Im sure I wont be posting a lot.

My mind will be on the next weeks cross race the whole time there anyway. Im pretty sure Im ready but I always forget one thing. Wonder what that one thing will be this year?

Last day of work for four days for me. Got a lot to do. Better run.


I Survived.


Back a little over two months ago I lost a key summer employee who was going to be putting in about 30 hours per week. He left to work in a National park for the summer so I cant blame him. But he’s back now and I kinda feel like Ive been let out of jail.

I knew it was going to be a longer than usual summer with me pretty much picking up most of those hours myself. I guess I didn’t mind knowing its just what you do when you own a small biz. You do what you need to do. As a friend once always told me when things happen…. “You’ll live”. And I did.

I knew my ride time was going to take a hit. Working every weekend all summer. But I guess its over. I survived. He’s back to work here, things are generally winding down and Im going to take full advantage. I have a lot of pent up vacation time to take. And its the kind that if you dont use it you lose it.

This weekend Im off three days taking my kids\grandkids to the Dells. Weekend after that is my cross race so even tho Im not going anywhere my store time will be limited and replaced with race stuff.

Then, the weekend after that Im up in Hayward for the bike race. It looks like we can leave Wednesday already. This is something I look very forward to. Remember I had to bail in a race there last May 31st due to no help in store. Spending a extra couple days there this time will almost make up for that. Especially if I can ride a new Trek Farley 8 with 29+ wheels. The wheels have been ordered so I need to keep that project moving forward….

Then, the next weekend me and my wife are planning a few days up in Eagle River \ Minoqua area. A friend has borrowed me his CoMotion tandem (which he bought here) and will ride that up there then. I think thats going to be around the 20th of Sept or so.

Then, I want to do at least a small bike tour. Maybe just a couple or three days. That will have to happen before the stores MTB race Oct 11\12. If its a short one I might need to change direction with that. Ive always went north. Maybe a quick ride across the lake first? I’ll think of something.

Man, Im out till the middle of Oct right now with stuff. Thats nuts!

All this will lead me right into fall, my fave time of year.


Rainy Days an Mondays

So here I sit on a Monday morn. Its raining a ton. Its been muggy so I hope a cold front is moving thru.

So this weekend was so uneventful. Just work. Not a bit of riding. In fact when I ride tomorrow nite it will have been an entire week off a bike. Thats a bummer. But it happens. Today I only have the road bike to ride. In a few days I will have Pinky in cross bike mode to ride. On paper that build sure looks nice. I cant wait to see the finished product. I love building bikes from scratch.

As days get closer to Sept 6th the cross race spends more and more time in my head. Next week Monday it will be nuts. Wait, that’s Labor Day so next week Tuesday. Im trying to stay cool right now.

As most of my demo bikes departed early this fall, I think Ive caught a break as Treks Farley looks like it might be here in time for Shuammy in 3 weeks. I am working ahead and am getting in all the fixins’ to build up a 29+ wheelset for it before it gets here. Its a 170 rear and now with the Bluto fork a 150 front. Fatbike hub sizes are still crazy but I see a standard on the horizon. I see 150 for the front anyway. The rear is still between 170 and 190. The differences are still a pain but its getting manageable.

I applaud Trek for getting these bikes out early. Thank you. Selling fatbikes that come out in December (or later) is a bummer. It seems I’ll be in full fatbike stock in the beginning of Oct. Perfect timing. A majority of these bikes will be Trek. Two levels to choose from. The days of spec building these bikes are pretty much done with. And thats a good thing. Im not sure how many 9zero7’s I’ll get in. And if I do its most likely another carbon Whiteout.

Its so much easier to sell these bikes when they come complete. In the past someone would stop in asking about them and they would ask about ask about a 9zero7 but never could really compare as each dealer built the bikes different spec’s. The XT level bikes I build were way more that the X5 another would build. So now its apples to apples. And make my life a bit easier in the respect. Besides the Treks (I have 10) that are coming in I’ll bring in two Felts also. They also have two levels of bikes with nice components.

Gone by the wayside is the Surly Pug.  The 135 rear hub’s days are numbered I think. I usually put two on the floor but not anymore. Surly does make other models like the Moonlander and Ice Cream Truck that I will consider.

Its funny how fast I switch from summer mode to fall mode. Not funny haha but funny weird.


Out With Old

So today I say goodbye to my fatbike. Sold and gone.Story of my life.


Now Im scrambling to find a bike for Shuammy in three weeks. Maybe I should just ride Pinky.

Yesterday I put in the first of several orders for Pinkys new set up. Sram CX 1X11. Force shifters. The bike is not disk so I didn’t have to worry about that. Most likely will but take the wheels off my road bike also. It should be a good build. Will start today. Should take about a week with a few components to pick out yet.

So now Im waiting for Trek’s Farley to hit my store. Im getting one with the Bluto fork. That might just be nice to finish off the summer with. Maybe it will be here before Shaummy. That would be fun.


I complain a lot about my bikes. Its hard to nail down a timeline as to when to get them and when to sell them. I never get it right. Easy come easy go. My real cross bike wont be here now until mid Sept at the earliest. So Pinky will have to hold me over until the end of road season. Which for me comes sooner than later.

Also on a brighter note Im gaining one employee this weekend that will let me take some time off. And not a moment too soon. Between now and Shuammy Im planning two days up in Eagle River\Minoqua for some bike riding. Thats my next adventure I guess.

Pinky’s parts just got here. Time to get to work (and build Pinky too!) Pic to come.