Trying to ride this more. File foto

So….  Tuesday a few of us got in a pretty good road ride. Almost 30 miles in after work. I felt good I think. Until the skies opened up. Two huge downpours about 10 minutes long and 10 minutes apartt. It got so dark I was concerned that I had no light. And that was at about 6pm. But…. even then it was better than no ride at all. We knew the rain was coming and I was surprised it did not come sooner. I have some bike maintenance to do….

Wednesday morn I got in another ride. I put my completely wet shoes under a fan all night and they were dry by morn. I had plans for at least 30 more miles, maybe 50. But it was cut down to 25 due to the fact I had to cut my grass and could not see another time window to do so. So grass cutting cut into my ride time. And thats fine. Get it done now to ride more later.

I was happy to get some quiet time to get all my tax stuff done. Thats a load off my mind.

And all a full day early. Thats so not me.

And this morn (Thurs
day) I had plans to grab the 9zero7 (my only bike for woods) and have another hour and a half before the store opened. Then, I forgot my accountant is coming tomorrow and Im
not even close to being ready so I deciced to hit the books and get that done. And then I remembered I needed to deliver a bunch of rental bikes to a local resort and could not hit the books until that was done. So then I realized
 that it was no ride for me this morn. Maybe later I’ll take a nooner.

I have not been taking a lot of pictures of late. No real reason. Ive got a million pics of the lake so I can just see what kind of day it is out side and just match one up.

Im trying not to post about Marquette everyday. Still looking into my itinerary for the few days. And thats about it. Need to get going on accountant stuff.

I hate accountant stuff.


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