Things On My Mind

Things on my mind today:download

Its a business tax month. By the end of this month a business needs to turn in all tax forms, hopefully paid, for the second quarter. So like any small business I wait until the last minute. It takes maybe 5 hours of desk time total and it looks like I’ll have things done one day ahead of time. Thats pretty early for me.

I now have set my help at the store for my trip to O2S in about a week. I have mixed feeling on those days. I need the time away for sure but my bike fitness is not good, so a slower race time is pretty much a given. If its way slower I might be a little bummed out. A little slower is acceptable but the way I feel right now might be a pending disaster. I’ll try and ride as much as I can until then (11 days).

Also, Im going up alone again. Looks like I’ll be leaving Thursday around noon. I did that last year and it also was a disaster.

I was pretty bored. I really just drove up, raced and drove home. This year Im planning ahead to find things to do to stay busy. Maybe take a drive up to the Soo Locks to watch some ships pass thru. Might head to a trail system Ive heard about. Brunos Run is near Munising. Maybe hit that up on Friday morning, ride to course a bit Friday aft, race Saturday and head for the Locks after. Thats sounds pretty good to me. I might even take the road bike up. So many great MTB trails up there everyone forgets the road riding is great also. Beautiful roads up against Lake Superior. Or maybe just grab a book and relax somewhere.

I dont get out much and when I do I build it up in my head for weeks before to unachievable proportions. I’ll try not to do that this time.


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