Not Much


Not a lot to talk about his weekend. Sadly no rides at all. Just one of those weekend where you saw pretty much everyone else outside on a bike and you were stuck inside. And with the lack of movement comes a slow start to the day 20140726_191749[1]for me.

This is the only pic I took this weekend. This boat was for sure over a million bucks. Every once in while these type of yachts come down from Chicago to stay in town a few days.

This one has been here before. Its been here maybe 4 days now just down from the store.

As days go by my thoughts turn twords the race in less than two weeks. Crazy how fast that has come. Once again I have no set help for the store that weekend but hope to do so in the next day or so. As much as I dont want to I will close Sunday if I have to.

Its ordering day so I better go. My desk looks like a disaster.


Wa da ya think?

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