I cant believe its Friday already. I cant believe next week is  August. I cant believe I dont have a MTB heading into that season(sounding like a broken record).

I cant believe how many hours Ive put in the store so far this summer.

I cant believe its only two weeks to O2S. The start of said MTB season. At least for me. Im so looking forward to that. I think. I might say that a lot in the next few weeks.

I cant believe how fast Ive blown off summer in my mind. Im already looking forward to fall. Cooler temps? Is that possible? Will the leaves turn earlier?

I cant believe Ive started planning for my cross race already. 6 weeks. Next week I’ll submit to USA Cycling for permits and insurance. Also online registration.

2 sets of 2

Alright, done with that theme.

Yesterday I had a “fun” sale. Pair of identical twins bought a pair of identical bikes. It was funny as I only had to ask one of them what they wanted and just ordered two of that.

Some sales are fun, some are not so much.

I’ll compare this to a sale a month ago when a teen came in for a MTB and got a pretty nice Felt 29er. His dad just did not want to be there. He paid with a frown and a bad attitude. The kid was pumped but dad looked at me like this was all my fault. “This thing better last or we’ll be back” was his parting statement. All I could do was smile and assure him it was a good bike. That was not fun. But a kid got a nice bike so its all good.

Bikes are going out the door everyday now and that wont last much longer. In fact, The time is almost here where you start drawing down inventory. You can see how easy it is for me to think so far ahead as far as seasons. Sometimes its such a conflict of interest in my mind. Letting go of a season that has just started. Its not easy.

But all those situations is just part of the bike retail experience that Im really only five years into and still learning everyday.

My riding this weekend will be limited. Im alone here all weekend so I should not ride tomorrow morn to try and stay ahead of the game and get things in order earlier than normal. I should anyway. Maybe I’ll sneak in an hour. And maybe another hour Sunday morn. Sunday aft as soon as I close Im headed to GreenBay for a visit with my Mom. So no riding then.

But with the upcoming race I need to get at least 10 hours a week for the next two weeks. Thats minimum. I have not been feeling very fast on the bike. Hope that changes soon.

Have a good weekend.


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