Tues into Thurs.


Another beautiful fall day. In July. 54 degrees in my Happy Place this morn. Lots of people here these days. Remnants of people hanging out on the beach left everyday. Tough to find any alone time for awhile. Thats fine.

Another busy day in the store. I cant believe how tall the stuff is stacked on my desk from being gone not even one day. Its a disaster.

Back up to Tuesday nite and off I was on a weekly Tuesday nite ride that a few of us have put together. It was 90 degrees. Usually I do pretty well in heat for a big guy but without any ride time to acclimate it was a near disaster. I cant remember ever feeling that bad on a bike. Absolutely no power in the legs. Even a slight uphill had me struggling Not sure if it was the heat of just a combo of things. I am a very poor drinker on the bike and the heat just amplifies that. I was kinda stressed out from work right up to the second I left the store. So it was not the best ride. But a ride nonetheless.

Yesterday I had most of the day off so after going out for breakfast my wife and I rode the trail between two State campgrounds (Long and Mauthe). Its about 7 miles one way of crushed limestone. With a stop for ice cream half way thru. Was a nice half day anyway. Weather was nice. Much cooler than the day before.

I was watching the weather channel last nite and heard this could be the coolest summer on record if this continues. So far we have had one day over 90 (Tuesday). The most was 38 days. The least was 8. Personally, I dont mind at all. I bit on the cool side is fine by me.

Well, this sounds like a broken record but I am again having issues with help in the store for my weekend racing up in Marquette in about two weeks. So Ive made the decision to close that Sunday if needed. I really need to go. Even tho Im going up alone.

Last year I went up alone and had a crappy time and came home same day. This time I will prepare and bring a book to read. I can see hanging out at the shores of Lake Superior with a good book for a few hours. Stress relief.

And of course I can ride the trails there after the race too. And go as slow as I want. So there’s that. My time away from the store has been limited and I do not want to let this one slip away.

That would be a disaster.


Wa da ya think?

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