Winter in Summer

Feb 2014

I still find it hard to keep up with the change of seasons. Here we are deep in summer selling. Its a everyday battle just to keep the store full of stuff. And Im now pre ordering for fall\winter. Trek has asked how many fatbikes I want. For the entire winter. Actually they asked me in June. They said I could always cancel any pre order so I said send me 100 of them. No way Im selling 100 but since they asked……

Fall\Winter clothing preorder is easy. If you have been around long enough you know what to get. Cross Country ski’s are a diferent story. Go in too deep and you have a huge investment sitting all summer. Go in too light and your scrambling to get more stock in Feb when things are sold out…. Its a crap shoot.

But even thinking in those terms right now is always weird to me. The summer weather just got nice a week ago and Im planning winter. Cant I just sit back and enjoy for a while? No. I cannot.

But I do find myself thinking Fatbikes already. The more I think about it I just might ride the 9zero7 at O2S. It is a road race. Last year I rode the entire race with both front and back locked out on my Superfly.

Riding that bike Sunday I started to wonder how many more trail systems will groom this winter? I bet a ton more. With my pending trip up to Marquette I was thinking we should go up there twice this winter. How many trail systems will be close enough for a day trip?

Today is going to be the hottest day of the summer (90 degrees) so far and Im here at the store thinking about winter stuff. Weird.

After work today Im planning about 30 hot miles on the road bike. Tomorrow is Long Ride Wednesday and am planning a ride over to the Long Lake area.  So no post tomorrow. While Im not technically training I do need to just get all the saddle time I can get.


Wa da ya think?

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