So its Sunday right now. 10am and Im open for 4 hours. Im alone and will be taking a ride after work at 2pm. Strangely, I hope its quiet today. But would not mind a busy day either.

The store is on the verge of a weekend sales record (Fri-Sat-Sun) and I don’t have far to go today to break it. Its been a busy few days here and I need a little quiet time to catch up a spell. But that’s a good problem to have. But I’m exhausted.

I was told that haze over the lake in the above pic is smoke from some wildfires up in Canada. It does look weird.

Yesterday I put in a quick 25 miles before work, today I’ll do my usual Sunday 30 mile route home. Then pick up my car at the store later. Or….. grab the MTB (9zero7 29+) and ride across town to the park for some woods action. Its been wet of late and that keeps me out of the mud until things dry up. I’ll see how I feel after work today. Most likely I’ll opt for almost 3 hours on the road….


Fast forward 24 hours and now its Monday morn in the store. I had a very quiet Sunday and did not break any sales records so I gatta be careful what I wish for I guess. But still was nice to take it down a notch yesterday.

I did get out out to the woods. Final decision was the fatbike over road bike. Pumped up those 29+ tires to almost 30 pounds and off I went for a little urban assault before I got to the woods.


It was a all around good ride with over an hour on the trails and about an hour on the road getting to and from. I even did a little climbing on the trails to remind me how much out of MTB shape I am.

I am just not used to the short, hard efforts that you need on a MTB. Punchy intervals to get one up and over the climbs. No sitting in here as in the road. Its all you and there is nothing you can do to minimize the effort needed.

Just go hard. Thankfully, the race in three weeks (O2S) is pretty much a road race and there are a few quick climbs but for the most part its wide open. Just keep your momentum up and your good 80% of the time.

In the back of my mind I wish I could race the 9zero7. But I know how that would end up. Im still hoping to beat my personal time there but if I decide I dont care then maybe? I for sure would not be as fast. Then again if I raced the bigger bike I would have an excuse when my time is slower. I’ll think about it but most likely would want a faster bike.

I need all the help I can get.



Wa da ya think?

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