Bad Demo Timing (Pt 2)

So like I said yesterday, Ive been picked on about complaining about riding expensive bikes all day. Like that’s my job. It is and its not.

I will stick to my guns t20140619_131900[1]hat not owning the bike Im riding is still not the same as owning it. I do swap stuff like bars and seats and such on a bike I demo, but for the most part I leave all the stupid warning stickers on it. Always keeping re sale in mind. Maybe not demo’ing the perfect bike for me for easier resale. Whatever.

But its hard to understand if your not in the position Im in. And the people who are understand completely. Poor Dan has no MTB. Well, just order up another. Its just that easy, right? Well, yes it is. With resale in mind tho.

But here’s the deal. When your in the bike industry those perks are part of the deal you sign up for. Almost everyone working for a bike manufacturer, weather an engineer or account or whatever, makes less than the same job in another field. I made way more money when I was in the transportation industry. And trust me my store is as successful as most. The last bike I bought was a 2008 Madone 5.2 for around $2600. By 2009 I had the store and never bought another bike since.


So why do it? Why work in the industry for less money? Well, its cuz you can ride very shiny, expensive bikes for next to nothing. In my case I get a demo bike, ride it and sell it for what I have in it (lots cheaper) so I ride them for free. When I visit Trek’s facility in Waterloo Im amazed at all the bikes leaning up against all the cubicles in that place. All very expensive bikes. And a lot of crazy one off stuff like a dual suspension with drop bars. Its like a freak show of bikes.

Really, that scenario is not a perk. Its kinda built into your salary. No way could I afford a 10k bike. But I ride them. And more than one. So one has to use all those perks to make this whole bike thing worth it. I know several store owners that don’t ride much. I guess we are all in this for different reasons.

But even after all this time Im still a fan. When the new models come out Im still a kid in a candy store. I still get pumped by all the new stuff and I want to ride it. And I can. 

All of it. But just as I get used to one bike, its gone. On to the next. Then blog about it. And that’s what makes this owning a bike store thing worth it. If I didn’t ride, I would not be here. If, in the future I cant ride, I would leave.

Since Im not getting rich
(and if any bike shop owner tells you he\she is they are lying). Excluding a select few maybe. To make this entire deal worth it you need to take advantage of every perk you can. And I do just that.

And I do a pretty good job of it. Cuz not to do it would be like taking a pay cut. To stop demo’ing bikes would be like losing your health insurance.

So I will continue to grab as many bikes as I can. Ride them.
And tell you about it.


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