Bad Demo Timing

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The last few mornings have been nothing short of spectacular. Yesterday for Long Ride Wednesday I just got in a bit less than 30 miles. But was better than nothing. The temps are very much on the cool side. Arm warmers needed but I dont mind. Perfect riding weather if you ask me. I remember temps in or near the 100’s this time of year in the past and maybe its still coming but late July to early Aug have been the dog days of summer. And thats just not the case right now. Again, not complaining.

In the past Ive always been good at my demo programs. But lately Ive been way off with the timing of the bikes I ride. I get them too early, then sell them before I even need them. I usually demo 3 bikes. Cross, road and MTB. In the fall is when I use the cross and MTB and Ive sold both of those already. That was a mistake. But in this industry its hard to not sell if someone is buying.

Since Im allowed only so many demo deals per year Ive used them up. But the demo “year” turns over Aug 1st. So I just have to wait. However most new models are not available for awhile. So I wait even longer.

However, I now sell three line of bikes here. Trek, Felt and now Raleigh. So what bike do I demo? Its been Felt of late but thats just to get to know the bikes better. My next cross bike is going to be a Raleigh. My next road bike is going to be a Trek Domane. A Project One of course. And yes, it will be green.

The MTB is still up for grabs. As much as I think I have, I still have to decided what to do here. The orders are in for the other two bikes but I just am still on the fence weather to get a XC or trail. Contradictory to what I typed in the last post. Need to sleep on this a few more days but time is running out.

In the past when I post about all the shiny expensive bikes at my fingertips I always got a little backlash. Poor guy has to decide between the $8k red bike and the $9k black one. My next post I will talk about that a little.


Wa da ya think?

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