Found Time


No time to post yesterday. Mondays will be busy for another month or so. Big ordering day in the store. Bike store ordering is like a big puzzle. You have 60 items to replace and you have too many distributors to use. You may lean on a bigger distributor but they will not have maybe 5 items you need. And you pay more using the larger warehouses.  So you end up using at least 3, maybe 4. One has a good price on a car rack but does not have the shifters you need. It takes a lot of time to get everything you need and get it right.

So last weekend was a good one I guess. I did get out for another 65 miles on Sunday. The exact same route I took for LRW (long ride Wednesday) except I was with 3 others. So I went a lot faster. About 30 minutes less ride time than Wednesday. As weird as it sounds I liked hanging on to a faster wheel with all my might. When I ride alone I dont push hard enough. It helps when you have no choice. Hang on or die.

Sunday pre 65 miles.

Another 65 miles then. Great ride. I needed it.

Tonite after work I have another 30 or so planned with another 30 or so for Wednesday morning. All road. Which leads me too..

My lack of MTB. Its a bummer to be without with the best woods riding coming up. Im sure I’ll figure something out. The dude who bought my last demo said I could borrow it back for Ore 2 Shore in a month. And I might need to take him up on that. Again, right now it just makes sense to wait a month for the 2015’s as I still do have the 29+(for now) to tool around in the woods if I want to.

And I am still stuck between a XC machine or maybe more of a trail bike. The XC bike is easier to sell in these parts but I rarely race anymore and the trail bike with more travel would make more sense for me. But harder to sell later.

Under the demo program the bikes seem to be easy to sell anyway so maybe the trail bike. Then again, I only have two races Im looking at (for now) and would like to better my time at both. Now that I think of it, did I enter Iceman? I forgot. I’d better go and check…. Jeez, I did enter Iceman. So its 3 races Im doing now. Maybe the light faster bike, at least for one more year.

Superfly it is.


Wa da ya think?

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