No MTB\More Pelicans


Its a Friday and thats not a bad thing. Time sure seems to be flying as we are close to the middle of July already. Im too busy Saturday to ride but Sunday I would like to go big again(60+). Hope this weather holds. Another beautiful day in paradise.

Lots of them

The Pelicans are back. This summer is the first they have ever been around. Saw them maybe a month ago. They come and go. Pretty cool tho. I remember in 2008 when the Eagles came. Back then I pretty much had the first pic of them. And they stayed and have been around since. I hope this is the case here too. I hope the Pelicans stick around. Not sure why they all arrived at the same time. Maybe a new food source for them. They have been north in Green Bay for years. Nice change of scenery for  a drive\ride past the lakefront.

So a few days ago I sold my MTB. I am MTB less right now. The only bike for the woods I have is the 9zero7 29 plus. Its a fun bike to ride but rigid and Im too old for that. And no way could I race it.

Really, I have 2 races to think about. One is Ore2Shore and the other is Shuammy Fattire 40. There’s no way I could even compete with the fatbike in those. Id get creamed. Not that I race for results but I do compare my time to other years. Right this minute Im still way off any type of form to beat my last years times. But I have 5 weeks till the first race(O2S) and the second is in the middle of Sept. So I have time to improve. Longer road rides to start off this training block is good.

So now I am scrambling to get an other MTB. And the industry is right on the cusp of a model year change. So I must wait for the 2015’s. I might need to borrow a bike for O2S. Will see.

Have a great weekend. It looks like it might be a good one for me.


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