Long Ride Wednesday


Always a great way to start the day with a Bald Eagle saying good morning.

Long Ride Wednesdays (LRW)are back! With Wednesdays off if Im not jetsetting away during the day I will be riding. Yesterday was no exception. 65 miles with 4 hours 22min in the saddle. Not a blistering pace at 14.8mph but good enough for me. All solo and all with tunes in my ears as I was on the Interurban Trail almost all the time.

I pulled out around 9am and headed south. I was unsure of my mileage for the ride so I took it pretty easy as I left town and for the first 15 miles or so. Once I decided on the destination I opened up a little and held a pretty good pace. About 32 miles away was the “flippit” point where I turned around after a 20 minute rest in the town of Port Washington.

On the way back, around the 45 mile mark I was a bit fatigued and wondered if I bit off more than I could chew. I was pretty sore. But really nothing I could do at that point. Just after mile 50 I stopped and ate a energy bar. I was not hungry but I always skimp on the food and it hurts me greatly. So, I stopped. Ate the bar and finished off my drink and set off to get this one done.

7 or so to go I started feeling pretty damn good. Like a second wind. Steady cadence. I could have kept going once I got back to the store. So Im feeling good about that. Still, the mph average was kinda low but getting almost 4 and a half hours on the bike will do me good. As the pro’s say today is a rest day. Hope to do this type of ride many more times in the future.

I got a long MTB race in about 5 weeks. And Im in no shape for that right now. In more ways that one. More later.


Wa da ya think?

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