Timeline (backwards)

Monday 815am


If someone would ask me what my criteria is for a perfect morning it would be this. Today. Bright and sunny warm (74) with a slight breeze out of the west. Everyone is out already, including me. The park visit was a nice one today. Over shadowed by the condition of the store I was returning to in less than an hour. Complete carnage from working alone most of the weekend. Test rides, rentals and just service bikes are laying everywhere. The weekend was busy and i just did not have time to put everything away. But soon I will have not one but two helping in the store to put everything back together again. Monday is order day and basic catch up from the weekend.


Sunday was a good day. People still hanging around from the Holiday. I worked 10 to 2 alone and it was not too bad. Sold a few bikes and worked the rentals. The weather was nice out. At least warm. After work I planned my weekly after Sunday work road ride. Left the store at 215 and headed south, then west then north and the south again. My plans were to ride home and get a ride back to the store to get my car but when I got home nobody was there so I just rode back to the store for some extra miles. Ending up with 36. Very nice ride. That, along with 46 on Friday made it a better weekend of riding than most. Almost 6 hour total ride time. I was tired and when I got home was still alone so I got to lay low for awhile. That was nice.


I did not get out for a ride before work as usual. Still pretty much recouping from the 4th. Not like I did a lot of work but just had my fill of sitting and doing nothing. Besides, bike rentals were in full swing and I had some pick ups to make from some resorts before the store opened at 10. So my work day started early Saturday. Then put in my day and after we closed at 4pm ran home to cut my grass for a couple hours. And that was my day. A day with no bike riding. But cutting the grass today set me up for my Sunday road ride tomorrow. Always planning ahead.


The 4th. Was closed. But spent the entire day at the store anyway. The store is located right in the center of all the lakefront activities which is good. Its a prime spot to watch the city’s fireworks. The store’s deck is attached to the city’s boardwalk along the river. So we had family and friends on and off the deck all day. Ending with the fireworks display at 930pm. It was a long day. Before the festivities I did get a ride in. Leaving the store at 9am for almost 46 miles and 3 hours. Pretty much the longest ride by me since May. Which pretty much set up the rest of the day sitting on the deck with my legs up. The weather was great all day and I got sunburned for the first time. First on July 4th is about the latest that has ever happened.


This day was the beginning of the Holiday weekend. I did work till 7pm but the closed and locked the front door of the store. Tonite there was a boat parade along the river behind the store. About 15 boats dressed up in lights and stuff. Was a pretty big deal I guess. Several thousand people here to watch. Of course the stores deck is pretty much the best seat in the house. This event kinda kicks off the July 4th weekend. I was happy to have the 4th off and was planning a long ride in the morn, then pretty much nothing else during the day. And that sounds like the perfect day to me.

But now back to Monday and back to work.


Wa da ya think?

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