Will wonders ever cease? I had a day off. It was glorious.

I slept in till almost 8am and we were off to Door County. Cold and drizzle as we pulled out of the driveway but the weatherbug on my phone said thing were better in Fish Creek. Things are always better in Fish Creek.

The rain followed us up to Sturgeon Bay and then after that the temps climbed and the skis cleared. Our first stop was for some lunch. Then we rode our bikes in Peninsula Park for20140702_142647[1] a couple hours. Then some shopping (I dont mind) and then to downtown Fish Creek for a fish boil. Home by 8pm.

A very nice day. In the center of the park there is a small cemetery, actually two. This on has a grave of a seven year old boy that people leave money at. I always leave a penny. But there were a few quarters here today. People used to leave small toys and such but it got to be too much and now you can just leave a few coins.

Ive been to this park a million times (5 times a year) since 1993 and I always hate to leave. Bein20140702_152228[1]g so close to the 4th the place was packed. The town was too. Many people on vacation head up to Door County.

Never short on views here. Just a very cool place to spend a day. Or several.

Today will be a busy day in the store. With the 4th weekend near.  Rentals and such will be in demand.

I hope to get in a nooner on the road bike today, along with a morning ride tomorrow. Since we are closed. Off two out of three days. Not too shabby.

Next post might be after the weekend. Have a great Holiday\weekend.


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