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20140630_084450Sunday, May 29th.

Sitting here Sunday morn before the store opens. A very nice moring but dark clouds on the horizon. I did get in about 25 miles in yesterday (Saturday) before work and that felt good. I have all my stuff with me today and was planning about 50 miles after work today (2pm). The weather looks iffy and I might just bail on the road bike and grab the MTB for a hour ride instead. Will see how the wind id at that time.

Last nite I was at the Downers Ave crit. I have not missed this race in about 10 years. Its the biggest spectator bike race in the area drawing in about 10 thousand to the streets of Milwaukee. While the racing is good I must say that its just not the same as it was 10 years ago. All the best domestic teams always there. Not so anymore.

So back to work I go. Hope to get in a good ride later.

Monday, May 30th

Very pleasant morning today. The warmest its been this summer. 71 at wake up. Thats almost 20 degrees warmer than usual. Yesterday I did get a ride in after work. The store closed at 2pm and by 2:12 I was on the bike. Same loop as last Sunday. About 30 miles ending at home. Away from the lake it was for sure mid 80’s and I am not used to that. When finished I was wiped out and actually got to lay down a while when I was home. I cant remember the last time I had time to do that.

I did push a bit on the ride and of course did not take in enough fluid for those temps so I felt pretty bad when I got home. Light headed and such. Im sure it was due to those temps and hope to get used to it soon. Today is the start of a 4 day week ending with July 4th on Friday. I of course am closed but its going to be a long four days as everyone wants their stuff by Thursday. We do the best we can. I do call in a few part timers to help with the added load in the shop.

Still, I banking on Wednesday off so we will see how that go’s. Usually when I bank on something it turn bad. Fingers crossed.


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