20140627_084823[1]Pic is from same seat as yesterday. Fog is back. I had plans to ride this morn but looked out the window and bailed. I got wet just standing outside and it was not raining.

I have the intentions to ride tomorrow morning too. I just need to get past this weather and not let it bother me. or I’ll never get out to ride. Waiting till the grass is greener is not the way to live.

So tomorrow I don’t care if its snowing. Im riding. And I need to quit waiting for the weather to get better cuz then Id never ride. New attitude.  Just shut up and ride.

Doing it for real.


One thought on “Fog\Additude

  1. Fog has been a pain in Plymouth too but you can throw your bike in the back of the van and drive five miles up onto the ridge. The fog doesn’t seem to make it that far.

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