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I can see water! No fog!

Was happy to be able to actually see the lake this morn. Fog not as bad today. But still around. Its been quite a day in the store as I was not able to post till 330 this aft.

This morning my printer took a crap so off to Wally World to pick up another crappy one. Since I just paid 45 bucks for ink you would think I could find one that uses the same cartridges. You would think.

Then back to the store to hook this puppy up. Trying to get this contraption to work wireless was a no go. In fact, I knocked out my internet for about 4 hours and could not do any card transactions in the store. I finally got the thing hard wired to my computer so I could at least print checks. What a pain.

Today would normally be my afternoon to ride but employee vacations dashed that as Im here alone today.  But starting next week Im trying to set up Wednesdays off. See how that go’s.

I did get out for a  good hour ride yesterday. That was nice. The fog burned away for my ride but came right back soon after.

So thats about it. No riding for me until Saturday before work. Unless I try a morning before then.


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