This is day 8 of fog. Here’s how the drive to the store looks every morning. So damp you get wet just walking outside. And this is my riding window time.

I guess the colder than normal lake is to blame. The fog burns off around noon or so but is back before the afternoon is over. People are really starting to complain. I for one am greatly affected by lack of sunlite. And I sure can feel it. I just feel so crappy when this happens. No riding caps it off.

But today I have help in the store and I will be able to get in a nooner in an hour or so. That makes me feel better. The fog is lifted a bit by then too so that makes the riding more pleasant than in the morning. I saw a dude riding before the store opened and he was dressed like it was still March. I just refuse to do that.

Hope fully this weather pattern will change and I will be able to at least see the clouds. Let alone the sun.

I better run to get things done before my ride….


Wa da ya think?

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