Not a lot to say. Saturday morning ride got washed out. Sunday after work I did get in a solo 32 miles. Looking back I maybe got in 4 hours last week. And about the same the week before.

A month ago I was nailing down 10 hours per week and that has seemed to go by the wayside. And as fast as the fitness comes back it goes away. The 32 miles Sunday hurt me. Right now I have no routine. No time to set aside. Everyday my riding window changes by the hour. Very hard to set up rides when its always a last minute call.

At this point I really dont know if I can change that much. One thing Im setting up is Wednesdays off. I hope to have a stable employee situation soon to do so. Not this week but maybe starting next. At least then I can start planning stuff.

Saturday went to see the Dairyland Tour. The race this day was part of the National Crit points series so United Healthcare was there in force. And really nobody else. Still, its cool to watch them form with a few laps to go and run the train so tight almost nobody can follow.

I’ll now post my yearly notes on how I miss Superweek.

The Dairyland races are nice but its still nothing like Superweek was in its hey day. Teams from Europe. And not just on but a bunch. Guys like Lance and Cadel Evens raced it at some point. I miss that.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


Wa da ya think?

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