Rain. Its raining as I type this morn. The pic is the road that leaves the backside of the park. Its a bit damp. And this was yesterday.

Almost 5 days with rain. Its just weird.

I did get out on a ride yesterday as the pic proves. Maiden voyage on the new wheels. A quick 17 miles had first impressions good. There’s a lot about these wheels that make sense. Like the 50mil front and 58mil rear. That just makes a lot of sense for normal riding. And the price tag is the best thing. These wheels are about half what everyone elses are. There are several hub and spoke options that can bring it up another hundred or so but for a quality wheel thats nuts. They need to charge more.

Or… you can 20140619_131900[1]go this route. A pair of $3600 Zipps. Now thats crazy. I run a lot of wheels and I gatta say that in no way are those wheels worth $3600. In fact no wheel is. I dont care who you are and how fast you ride.

Considering you can buy 2 sets of PSIMET wheels for that. And have some change left over to buy the group you ride with lunch. Im a self acclaimed wheel nut but even as a dealer I cannot afford those Zipps. But maybe the Firecrests will be cheaper now??

Like I said, the first impression of these wheels are great. But I’ll put on a couple hundred miles with the group to make the final call. I will, however, put an order in for a thru axle disk cross wheelset. With the same rims cuz soon road bikes will be that way…. some already are.

Its Friday so the store will be busy, but its crappy out some maybe not. Maybe medium busy. I do have to work all weekend. Will shoot for a ride early tomorrow. Sunday maybe after the store closes at 2pm.

Saturday right after work Im heading to Grafton for the TOAD race. That series started last nite and will run for about 10 days. More on that later.

Hopefully it will dry up soon. It seems like weeks before anyone can MTB. Hope not.

Have a good weekend.


1 thought on “Rain\Wheels

  1. Those wheels would look so much better on my bike! 😉 I think you’ll need mud tires if you want to mtb anytime soon — have those in the shop? do they even make those for mtb?

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